Free Tours

Starting today, Thursday 26, 2020, the Thanksgiving Day, every tour that's booked with us will qualify for a free tour drawing. One out of every ten tours will be free. The winner will be announced on this page. The drawing will be done after we have ten qualifying tours. By qualifying we mean any tour that doesn't qualify for a refund. This is to stop someone from participating in more than one drawings for the same tour. If you book a tour that qualifies for a full refund, you will participate in the drawing after it doesn't qualify a refund. To understand this please check our Cancellation Policy.  

After you book a tour that qualifies for the next drawing will show up on this page. It will have your first name and the tour date. We like to make this process as transparent as possible. We believe that the only way for this to be successful is by being honest and transparent. Any suggestions are appreciated.

      #                                       ID             

      1                                   Ryan112620 

      2                                   Pam112820

      3                                   Steve120620

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