Free Tours Idea!

Updated: 18 hours ago

We want to offer one out of every ten booked tours free to our customers. Every booked tour that can't be cancelled and can't be refunded will qualify for the drawing. Checkout our Cancellation Policy to understand this point. Every time we reach the magic number of ten qualified tours, a drawing will take place and the winner will be declared here and mentioned on our Free Tours page of this website. The refund will be issued after a winner is determined after each drawing.


It's almost true that there's nothing free in this world: someone must pay! The money for our free tours will come from Google and Facebook; they have made enough money from us. We want to divert our marketing money from them to you, our customers. It may sound like a fancy idea but I think it has a good possibility of success. We want to give it a try. The backbone of this idea is being honest and transparent with our customers. If we can achieve and maintain your trust, we should be hopeful to be successful. Please leave a comment below and let's know what you think. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

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